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It's been awhile but I still remember having a fun time with this one definitely worth a playthrough concept is great and hope future development goes through!

I enjoyed the mysterious atmosphere in your entry and I also liked the approach of the time travel / time loop narrative. <3 Congratulations as well for implementing such a sweet voxel art style. :) Happily I included your game in one of our compilation articles about the ResistJam as well as in the related showcase video.

Best wishes,

first time playing my score was 7


The idea behind the Unloop & the execution of it are great! I really hope a fully fledged game of this is released one day because I loved it.

If you want to see how I solved the mystery and have a laugh as well, you can catch me in the vid linked below!

I'm a sucker for a time loop story. =) I'm glad you had so much stuff to interact with in the room, but it felt like maybe some of it was intended for more loops that you didn't have time to implement. It'd be cool to build this out some more, exploring the way the player can reuse the space for different parts of the loop.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a voxel model rigged and animated like that. Kudos on the experimentation.

The environment looks awesome. Good lighting and detail. The multiple fixed-position cameras reminds me of Alone in the Dark, while the feel reminds me of the opening scene for Out of This World (Another World). The music was super atmospheric, too.

Very polished! Nice work!

I enjoyed the game and liked the concept of it. The only issues I had with it are having dialogue options available before that event even happened. Are you going to try to make it a full game? :p


Here is a shameless video plug. I hope you don't mind it being on itch and Gamejolt. Advertising is a bitch.

I make a review on this game, i loved it ans just give ideas really but i hope you enjoy

I loved the voxel art style, and great use of lighting. Interesting story. Very ambitious game for a game jam. Well done!

Hey, thanks for the kind words, we've checked out The Cat In The Hijab and thought you did an excellent job as well! We really liked the graphics and the subject matter came across well (although unfortunate that that kind of stuff happens in this day and age).

This was awesome i hope you enjoy the video

Hey man, love the vid! Our programmer has left a comment on the vid so we can try and work out why you got that weird movement bug!

it's not a big problem. I have seen stuff like that on huge games, but yh i know it can be annoying because you play it over and over, it's still a great game and i loved it

This is a really cool point and click adventure game. The art style is cool, the music is awesome, and the story was intriguing. I was really surprised by what this game had to offer. The story was not what I was expected in how it was played out, and ended up being much cooler than I thought. You play as one of two scientists that have discovered how to jump forward in time. But something happens which causes you to repeat what you have already done, learning more as you play. I really liked how the characters perceived their situation. All in all, a cool little point and click adventure and I look forward to more from this developer in the future. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

Thanks for playing dude, we all really enjoyed your playthrough!